Oak Ridge Strategy Group (ORSG) provides services to businesses in all sectors - from government to private, Fortune 500 to small start-ups.  ORSG can guide clients in gaining insights into market opportunities, competitive threats, technical trends, emerging markets and competitive strategies.  ORSG fellows bring foresight and knowledge, functional expertise and a practical approach to build client capabilities and deliver real impact.  Our clients expect exceptional results and we succeed by being integral to their success.  We are as passionate about our clients' results as they are.

Our Clients

ORSG has provided services to business in all sectors - from government to private, Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.  In our work with consumer product companies we have addressed important strategic, operational, and organizational issues and developed solutions that remain within the corporate mission plan.  In our work with emerging technology companies we have facilitated growth through B2B introductions as well as product R&D focus.  In our work with government operations ORSG has provided strategic guidance and innovative ideas for leadership as well as growth.