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Gerald T Quinn-bio


Senior Consultant

Mr. Quinn has over 40 years’ experience in the areas of corporate management and processes; project management; facility design, operations and maintenance; and regulatory/standards compliance.  He performed management, management process, and facility reviews, audits and assessments for over 20 years for clients including private manufacturing, government organizations, and private and public utilities.

Mr. Quinn led teams to define and change process and procedures during changes in both the regulatory authority and regulations; he assessed causes, recommended improvements, and provided management/implementation plans for corrective actions, both organization and process-based, responding to regulatory “Notices of Violation”; and he led efforts to obtain regulator certification for a facility designed and constructed for waste retrieval,  characterization, treatment, packaging and shipping which employed extensive computerized/electronic processing and controls and many first-of-a-kind systems.  Mr. Quinn has provided support to a senior-level oversight committee responsible for reviewing facility activities for continued regulatory compliance and safety.  He has also conducted a numerous pre- and post- maintenance outage assessments critiques as well as other special projects reviews.

As an equity owner and senior corporate officer for several small engineering consulting companies, Mr. Quinn helped develop these companies from the “ground-up” including defining personnel positions, responsibilities, accountabilities and controls, and establishing corporate processes to support corporate growth through acquisitions and business development in both the U.S. and Europe.  Also during his career, Mr. Quinn was the Manager of three services Divisions for a major Architect Engineer.  The three divisions were Operations Services, Advisory Operations, and Licensing. These divisions supported power and other associated facilities (public and privately owned as well as government) in the U. S. with work including design engineering and construction for modifications, startup and licensing.

Mr. Quinn is a Registered Professional Engineer in six states.