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Jim Channon-bio

Jim Channon

Jim Channon has illustrated and, honored with oratory, the visions of global enterprises. He does that on large strategic graphic maps, with storytelling to music, and sometimes with a full team of meeting masters to bring the group you have assembled to life. He focuses on the world we all want as a planet and the world you want as a company.

He leads the EARTHRISE project at the World Business Academy, where a positive 100-year vision for the planet is being created.  He illustrated the strategic visions for ten of the worlds FORTUNE 100 companies. He has three advanced degrees and teaching experience with the highly ranked University of Michigan School of Business. He listens and observes with intent. He can tell you what the best thinkers on the planet say about tomorrow.

With a “be all you can be” background and a renaissance man orientation, Jim has amassed over fifty skills for which he can receive a professional wage. He practices the possible human and the intelligence needed for the 21st century. He has traveled around the planet 60 times, has friends in five tribal groupings, mentors 35 younger talents, and can navigate in fifty cities without a map.

As a professional soldier, he commanded five infantry units, with two years of front line duty in Vietnam, and was made the commander of the mythical First Earth Battalion that helped lead the US Army into the 21st century. He remains a key adviser to military think tanks and colleges and specializes in Natural Security and Global Reconstruction.

He helps you build the culture that can thrive in the world you envision. This is his work as a social architect, philosopher, and futurist combined. He has created designs for a global village, a district, several bioregions, a bi-function corporation and the planet.  On stage he summarizes, he does theater, he ennobles, he changes characters, and he invites the audience to become who they need to be to realize their vision. He illustrates your best ideas in seconds. Then he brings your vision to life like the legend it should be with oratory, music, and a prayer if it’s appropriate.  He operates from a studio base in Hawaii and serves clients east and west.

He has reached over fifty million people with his visions for a new planet using a barrage of new media tools.  Google his profile page for details.