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John Moore

John Moore has been leading successful organizations and developing leaders for over 25 years.  A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, John has taken the leadership skills learned both at the Academy and in the Army and used them to develop effective leader-coaches, and high performance teams in all sectors; military, government, and in business.

He holds a Master of Arts in Leadership Development from the US Military Academy, a Master of Arts in Strategy Studies from the US Army War College, and a Bachelor of Science, also from the Military Academy.  John has led and served in key positions within organizations ranging from 30 to 180,000 people.  He has served in combat operations at every level and was the operational Chief of Staff during the surge in Iraq in 2007-2008. 

John has a wealth of leader development experience including service as a leadership coach for cadets at West Point, a coach in the Army’s highest level combat training program, and an instructor in the Army’s premier School for Combat Command Preparation where he was subsequently selected to serve as the School’s Director.  John also served as the Defense Coordinating Officer for FEMA Region VII, implementing a wide range of post-Katrina improvements that have become the model for military response in support of FEMA.

Upon leaving the Army, John joined the LGL team where he is consults and speaks on the subjects of strategic planning, strategic communications, change management, leadership, and performance management.  He conducts executive leadership coaching and provides keynote presentations on building inspirational leadership qualities, resilience, character and trust.

“Inspiring and engaging the limitless potential of people;

creating unstoppable organizations.