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As part of Linn Write & Associates since 1996, Tom Linn analyzes and communicates science and technology initiatives for the Departments of Defense and Justice, Penn State University, University of Maryland, and corporations. These S&T initiatives have included:

·       Discovery and invention -- critical paths for research and development

·       International R&D networking

·       Cooperative R&D between government and industry

·       Technology transfer from government to industry

·       Innovation -- transitioning technologies to widespread use 

·       Testing and evaluation of prototypes and manufactured systems

·       Maintenance and support of systems

He has drafted over 40 reports, assessing such S&T initiatives. He also has helped clients publish over 70 articles on these initiatives, as well as, on such subjects as aviation technologies, directed energies, information technologies, medical technologies and traumatic brain injury assessment. Additionally, he has written a book on energetics R&D and its importance to America for scientists and engineers in this field.

Tom Linn has published opeds in Chicago Tribune, International Herald-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Journal Europe, Washington Post, and Washington Times. He has also published articles in Armed Forces Journal, Defense & Foreign Affairs, Defense News, Joint Force Quarterly, Marine Corps Gazette, National Defense, Proceedings, Seapower, and Strategic Review.

Tom Linn is a Naval War College professor and adjunct faculty at the Institute for Defense Analysis. He is a Virginia Military Institute graduate and has Masters Degrees from Georgetown University and the Naval War College. He is a retired US Marine, with service in the evacuations of Cambodia and Vietnam, and Kurdish relief effort in Iraq. His personal decorations include the Legion of Merit and Combat Action Ribbon.