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Vivian Baylor

Vivian M. Baylor

As a Highly Qualified Expert (SES-equivalent) in the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army, Vivian Baylor is currently the Deputy Director for the Institutional Army Transformation Commission where she leads efforts with Army senior leaders to identify and facilitate initiatives to transform the non-war fighting portion of the Army to become agile, flexible and efficient. Before this assignment Ms. Baylor was on the staff of the Army Science Board where she was the Studies Manager and worked on a broad range of topics for Army senior leaders including sustainability, biometrics, survivability, armed ground robotics and suicide mitigation.

Prior to her government service, Ms. Baylor worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory and other DOE facilities in Oak Ridge, TN, serving in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility. She began her career as a metallurgical engineer supporting alternative energy programs before moving into program management. She spent almost two decades leading technology development efforts addressing national security community needs, principally in support of nuclear nonproliferation, intelligence and law enforcement. Ms. Baylor received numerous awards for technical achievement, performance and operations as well as a special award from U.S. Customs and letters of commendation from the Secretary of Energy and the Director of National Intelligence. She also was the recipient of an R&D 100 award and an award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (for human presence detection system)

Ms. Baylor holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management from the University of Tennessee and earned three Bachelors Degrees in prior academic studies at the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech in the fields of Metallurgical Engineering, English, and Political Science. She has completed additional graduate coursework in Metallurgical Engineering and business management.

Ms. Baylor lives in Alexandria, Virginia, and has two grown daughters.