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Margaret Saunders-Bio


Margaret B. Saunders

Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer
Oak Ridge Strategy Group, Inc.
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Washington, DC

Margaret Saunders serves as a Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer for Oak Ridge Strategy Group, Inc. (ORSG), a Small Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) company specializing in technology discovery, exploitation of disruptive technologies, customer relationship development, and strategic planning.  In her position, Margaret specializes in the exploitation and commercialization of disruptive technologies, particularly those developed by Federally Funded R&D entities, and the development of collaborative engagements across the public and private sectors.  Her current emphasis is in the areas of disruptive research program management and technology deployment.  She is also responsible for developing strategic partnerships in both the public and private sector.

Prior to joining ORSG, Margaret served as Director of Homeland Security Programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  As Director of Homeland Security Programs, she was responsible for developing strategic plans and program and business development of technology projects to support the missions of homeland security agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.  She moved to the National Security Directorate from the ORNL Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) organization where she spent four years as a commercialization manager.  In that position, she was responsible for negotiating licenses, Work for Hire agreements, and sponsored research projects.  In her position as commercialization manager, Margaret had to be conversant in Intellectual Property management and export control of information.

Prior to the assignment in TTED, Margaret spent several years in the private sector in positions to include marketing manager for a Class 7 and 8 truck Tier 1 supplier, product manager for a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and operations manager for an internet company.  She began her career at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant as a Research Engineer in the Development Division.  She also spent several years working in an organization responsible for safety and risk analysis of all Y-12 Plant manufacturing processes.

Margaret graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, has an MS in Technology Management, and is pursuing her PhD in Industrial Engineering with a research focus of creating a mathematical model to characterize the return on investment of Federally-funded R&D.